Ginny Priz


It was there again this morning. Just when I thought it was gone. Just when I thought I might be free of it forever; my old friend despair showed up even before I opened my eyes. In the years when I struggled with alcohol and anxiety, despair was never far from my thoughts. Sometimes it was a nagging tug at my back, and other times a heavy, led blanket. It was so… Read More

Logic tells us we must create the future because we cannot see it. But do not get caught in the trap of thinking your future lies solely on your shoulders. This is a faith journey with the Lord – He is before you, with you, and behind you. Prayer is the link between the seen and the unseen and between logic and faith.

Listening is a skill not entirely valued in today’s culture. We live in a world where characters on a computer screen are the new currency. Our perceived value is based on the quality of our facebook posts, 140 character tweets and text messages. These days, it’s common to see couples sitting across from each other in restaurants paying more attention to their phones than each other. I saw a scene just like this… Read More