Ginny Priz


It was there again this morning. Just when I thought it was gone. Just when I thought I might be free of it forever; my old friend despair showed up even before I opened my eyes. In the years when I struggled with alcohol and anxiety, despair was never far from my thoughts. Sometimes it was a nagging tug at my back, and other times a heavy, led blanket. It was so… Read More

Three years ago when I came to Tennessee, I had little hope of experiencing anything other than a life tainted by anxiety. I had no idea God would teach me to live a life highlighted with joy and happiness instead. But to my own surprise, as I write this, I am truly happy. Happy because I am living in the now. Because I am reflecting on my gratitude. Because I have surrendered… Read More

Part I: How we choose to turn our backs on happiness.

There is a tradition in my house. One I take very seriously. It is called “The Dance Party.” When sadness or stress becomes too much, this tradition is brought out and celebrated.