Ginny Priz


It’s here. The season I dread more than any other: wedding season. Wedding season is trigger season for a lot of single folks like me. Like many others, I spent my adolescence and young adulthood telling myself lies about love. Lies like these for example: Lie #1 – You need a boyfriend to prove you are loveable. Lie #2 – Only romantic attention will make me feel whole and confident. Lie #3… Read More

There are moments in your life that becomes fixed markers along the timeline. Afterward, time is marked as “before” and “after” that moment. For me, one such moment came in 2010 on the street near my home in NJ. If you know me even a little bit you probably already know that 1) I was born with only part of my right arm and 2) I hate running. These things are important… Read More

I don’t know how much experience you’ve had with God, but take my word for it, His plans never fit neatly in a box. His plans are unconventional and counterintuitive (a.k.a. completely outside the box) because His plans for your journey are tailored specifically to you. You are unique and magnificent. The last place you belong is inside a box.

There are moments in life when the right words come along just when you need them. Some people call these divine appointments or coincidence (I think there is room for both in life). Whatever you call them, these moments are powerful – going straight to the heart. This week, I was reminded just how powerful the right words can be. Words can open your mind to a new perspective. The right social… Read More

Usually, perspective is used in reference to a three dimensional field of vision. But what would it look like to include the spiritual? How would your life’s perspective change if you expanded your field of vision to include God’s power and personal involvement?

Three years ago when I came to Tennessee, I had little hope of experiencing anything other than a life tainted by anxiety. I had no idea God would teach me to live a life highlighted with joy and happiness instead. But to my own surprise, as I write this, I am truly happy. Happy because I am living in the now. Because I am reflecting on my gratitude. Because I have surrendered… Read More