Ginny Priz


It’s here. The season I dread more than any other: wedding season. Wedding season is trigger season for a lot of single folks like me. Like many others, I spent my adolescence and young adulthood telling myself lies about love. Lies like these for example: Lie #1 – You need a boyfriend to prove you are loveable. Lie #2 – Only romantic attention will make me feel whole and confident. Lie #3… Read More

It was there again this morning. Just when I thought it was gone. Just when I thought I might be free of it forever; my old friend despair showed up even before I opened my eyes. In the years when I struggled with alcohol and anxiety, despair was never far from my thoughts. Sometimes it was a nagging tug at my back, and other times a heavy, led blanket. It was so… Read More

The act of comparison can build up your confidence or completely wreck your day/month/year. It took me a long time to discover I was using my comparison tools all wrong. I spent years comparing myself to others when really I should have kept my comparisons to myself. I don’t mean you should silently make comparisons in your head. Rather it is healthier to focus on comparing your current self with your previous… Read More