Finding Single-Handed Freedom: Ginny shares how she “single-handedly” overcame alcoholism, panic disorder, and codependency with the power of faith in God and Jesus Christ. This is the story of a little girl who was different from the moment she was born and never quite fit in any category. Her struggle to be everything to everyone left her broken – vulnerable to the enemy’s lies. But the power of God’s love set her free as she learned how to use her faith to ditch the drama life brings and finally walk in freedom. Universal themes of fear and anger, approval seeking, and never feeling good enough are sure to resonate with all audiences.

Walking A Serenity Journey: Today and Every Day – Walk through the fundamentals of the serenity prayer and learn how it can help you trust God, ditch drama, and enjoy your life – no matter what happens. Conflict and anxiety do not have to be a way of life!

How To Create Healthy Boundaries Without Losing Yourself – Chronic exhaustion, anger, and anxiety are all symptoms of unhealthy boundaries. Gain powerful tools and insights that will give you the confidence to be free to be yourself  – as God made you! With these serenity practices you can reclaim your life, your voice, and your joy!

Ginny is available to speak for the following:

  • Seminars
  • Recovery Programs
  • Bible Studies
  • Panels

Book Ginny for your next event.

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