Usually, perspective is used in reference to a three dimensional field of vision. But what would it look like to include the spiritual? How would your life’s perspective change if you expanded your field of vision to include God’s power and personal involvement?

Are you taking gratitude for granted? Discover how you can become re-sensitized to gratitude in a culture or abundance.

Three years ago when I came to Tennessee, I had little hope of experiencing anything other than a life tainted by anxiety. I had no idea God would teach me to live a life highlighted with joy and happiness instead. But to my own surprise, as I write this, I am truly happy. Happy because I am living in the now. Because I am reflecting on my gratitude. Because I have surrendered… Read More

Part I: How we choose to turn our backs on happiness.

There is a tradition in my house. One I take very seriously. It is called “The Dance Party.” When sadness or stress becomes too much, this tradition is brought out and celebrated.

Rest. Everybody needs it. Nobody seems to take the time for it…including myself. Let’s face it: busy is the new standard. A recent article in the Washington Post proclaims, “somewhere around the end of the 20th century, busyness became a badge of honor.” Somehow we decided filling every space of our lives with activity means our lives are more valuable. Creating, participating, doing – over and over – is now the measure… Read More

It was a rainy Sunday morning, but the atmosphere in my kitchen was far from dreary. I sat across the table from CC, a NJ friend I had not seen in years. She was passing through Nashville on tour with her band, Francie Moon and the Great Outdoors. Their performance the night before revealed incredible talent. It was their first tour together as a band, and I was honored to host them… Read More

Serenity is not a thing. It cannot be held or touched or tasted or locked away in a vault somewhere. Sometimes I wish it was. Sometimes I think it would be easier if it were a tangible object I could purchase from a street vendor and carry around in my pocket with my lip gloss. But then if I could purchase it, it would become something I take for granted. Something I… Read More