How would you describe your journey is 2014? Was it a dramatic fight to finish or a sweet, leisurely stroll with the Lord?

If it was a fight, what stopped you from trusting God and enjoying the ride? Because when we come right down to it, the fight starts where our trust in God stops. That is when drama creeps in and takes over, distracting us from what is really important.

I struggle with perfectionism. There, I said it. Perfectionism is a silent killer of joy. A project can be 90% percent beautiful, but that last 10% WRONG is the only thing that matters to a perfectionist. The big picture is lost in the polar-thinking, all-or-nothing attitude. And because admitting the very wrong or the very ugly 10% can be painfully embarrassing, a perfectionist, like myself, will sit quietly and pray that no… Read More

Listening is a skill not entirely valued in today’s culture. We live in a world where characters on a computer screen are the new currency. Our perceived value is based on the quality of our facebook posts, 140 character tweets and text messages. These days, it’s common to see couples sitting across from each other in restaurants paying more attention to their phones than each other. I saw a scene just like this… Read More

This holiday season do more than stuff yourself with food and purchase gifts made overseas. Express gratitude & make waves!! Take the #ThanksGivingChallenge

Unless you just arrive here from outer space, you’re probably aware the holiday season is practically upon us. The holidays are supposed to a time for family and loved ones and joyous memories of “firsts.” The first Thanksgiving Day hosted by newlyweds, baby’s first Christmas, the first gathering in a new home with new friends, and so on. But there is another type of “firsts” that mark separation rather than togetherness. The… Read More

I’m THAT person. When I listen to Christian music or praise music, I lift my hands to God in worship. This is a relatively new thing for me. For years, I thought “those people are crazy.” When I stood beside them at church I started judging their motivation as self-elevation. Sort of an I-love-Jesus-more-than-anyone-else statement. Then one day when I was particularly thankful and humbled and desirous of God’s presence, I was… Read More

Uncertainty is the basic ingredient God uses to inspire all the gratitude, joy, love, and faith in this world. It is like flour in a cake; a large quantity is needed but that’s not what makes it special. The ingredients that give a cake flavor come in smaller portions. Too much ruins the cake (just like too much of any good thing is still too much). Being unsure of what the future… Read More

God is holding us in His hands. His wisdom guides us along the path of least resistance so we can have an amazing life full of love, satisfaction, hope, and joy. I know this intellectually. But so often I see something shiny off His path. The temptation becomes too great – I need it now. In the next moment, I leave God’s path to dart after it. It could be someone’s approval,… Read More

A little encouragement goes a long way. Here’s my encouragement for you.

You own “pep talk” complete with soundtrack! …straight from the heart.

Truly, I believe in you.

Carrying injustice is harmful to the soul. To live in freedom, I must set down what is unfair. Here’s how living with one hand has taught me to let go of injustice – big or small!