God Meets Us (and ISIS) Exactly Where We Are

God connects with each one of us personally. We are each unique in how we see the world and, being divinely sensitive to our needs, He chooses to connect with us by speaking our own personal love language.

How has He connected with you? You may have heard the perfect song at the right time or seen a rainbow or bird that held some significance. Perhaps God repeated a message through multiple people or channels so you wouldn’t miss the importance of His lesson. Or maybe, He answered a prayer, just as He answered a prayer for me this week.

You may remember, at the beginning of Lent I wrote a blog called Hope is: Lent, Chocolate, and ISIS where I vowed to give up streaming Netflix (not chocolate…this time!) and step up my prayers for ISIS. The idea was to remove the numbing agent in my life (Netflix) and instead feel the uncomfortable emotions I had been avoiding (world events, ISIS injustice, and my own personal fears).

Well, I did make it the full 46 days of Lent! I said a lot more prayers and I listened a lot more as well in that time.

I bring this up again now because of an article that was brought to my attention by two of my blog followers. According to the story, missionaries from Youth With A Mission Frontier Missions, Inc. (YWAM) reported a member of ISIS professing to have become a follower of Jesus after having been visited repeatedly by Jesus in his dreams. You can read the full story here.

Praise God! Undoubtedly, this is a prayer answered for myself and thousands of prayer warriors around the globe. If even one such report exists, I have to believe there are more to come.

Yet, this is not the first time I have heard of Muslims experiencing Jesus in dreams. Over the past 5 years I’ve seen live speakers, interviews, and even videos on Youtube with firsthand accounts of former Muslims with similar dream experiences.

I’ve thought this interesting because although I grew up in a Christian home I cannot ever remember dreaming of Jesus. Angels and devils have made appearances, but never Jesus. What makes me (or them) different, I wondered?

At first, I thought it possible this was the only way the dreamers would come to hear about Jesus. But after having read more extensively, I understand that, for Muslims, dreams are widely considered to have heightened spiritual meaning. The impact of a dream may have more power than any human interaction in their culture.

And this is where I get excited and want to praise the God of the universe. This tiny contextual detail illustrates the heart of the Lord more accurately than any phrase in any language.

I do not doubt God’s involvement because I have never experienced Jesus in a dream. Rather, it increases my faith in God’s love. Because He knows the broken places of our hearts intimately, it makes sense that He would also know how to reveal himself in the most meaningful way for each individual.

With each revelation of His character He heals another broken place in our heart. Only the Lord knows which hurt needs to be healed first so that we are encouraged and drawn closer to Him. Like a friendship, over time trust is built and intimacy grows.

I am grateful God plays an active role in each of our lives and He loves us enough to meet us exactly where we need to be met – today, and every day.

How has He connected with you?

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