5 Ways To Stress Yourself Out!

I don’t know about you, but when everything seems to be happy and peaceful, I get a little uncomfortable. It almost seems too good to be true. But I don’t let it bother me. I know I have these top 5 stressors to fall back on when things get too relaxing!

#5 – Never Ask for Help.
Keep telling yourself the world is on your shoulders. This life is your burden and yours alone. Every day you must find the right words, the right answers, and the right appearance so others like you.

Asking for help would show weakness and vulnerability. And who ever succeeded with weaknesses? The only way to get ahead in life is to be perfect…on your own…without any help. So don’t even think about asking.

Exposing your needs in such a way would leave you vulnerable to start a connection with someone else. Connections are the gateway to friendships. Once you start down the slippery slope of friendship, you could start feeling comfortable and relaxed – that’s no way to stress yourself out.

So, just stay isolated. In fact, for maximum stress, just forget talking…and eye contact.

#4 – Let your Inner Critic Run Wild.
Now that you have stopped asking for help, it will be easier to spend more time with your Inner Critic! He’s the only one who has your stress interests at heart anyway, right? He’s the only one who will shamelessly magnify your insecurities, doubts, and fears and put them center stage!

Take some time to really listen to your Inner Critic for a good dose of stress. I highly suggest you start each and every day listening intently to him. He will start your day with an extra dose of shame. Nothing kills the seeds of hope in the morning like force-fed shame! (Hint: Avoid reading or thinking about grace, especially God’s grace.)

To take it even further, regularly schedule a weekend retreat alone with your Inner Critic. Make sure you surround yourself with imagery of more attractive, successful, wealthier people so your critic has plenty of fuel from which to feed.

Under no circumstance should you contradict your Inner Critic. He might be discouraged and leave you alone. To ensure his company, work to accept everything he says.

#3 – Make Sure Everyone Knows You Are Right.
Who cares about a little thing like the truth? Or facts? Those are only distractions from the fact you are 100% completely and utterly correct. And not just some of the time, but all of the time.

Blame shifting and finger pointing are great ways to put people off and start your reputation for always being right – no matter what. It sends the message , “Watch out world! I am always right and there is nothing you can do to make me believe otherwise!” The resulting passive aggressive behaviors and overall uncomfortable atmosphere generated by your family and co-workers is certain to successfully stress you out.

#2 – Hold On Tight to Your Resentments.
To keep the stress at a consistent level shadowing every moment of most days, keep your resentments close. Be like what’s-her-name in Titanic, and tell those resentments, ”I’ll never let go!” But then, actually hold on.

Whatever you do, try not to see any situation from another person’s point of view. If you want to keep that stress, you must not consider the feelings of anyone that is not you. Be sure to avoid forgiveness and understanding at all costs. This could release some stress.

Do this in conjunction with numbers 5, 4 and 3 and you’ll definitely start to see some physical manifestations. High blood pressure, indigestion, ulcers, headaches, muscled tightness are all indications that you are successfully raising your stress level.

#1 – Worry About The Future.
Being stressed in the present is one thing, but bringing your stress into the future is a whole new level. There’s no relaxing when you try to imagine all the possible painful and embarrassing moments that could be ahead.

Try to forget that God has a plan for your life and He’s working that out. Focus instead on all the loss you might experience along the journey to come.

Under no circumstances should you allow gratitude to cloud your worry. Giving thanks will surely derail your stress in two ways: 1) it will bring your attention to the present. (How can you be worried about the future if you are happy about the present? ) And 2) gratitude will start to produce feelings of abundance. This is not good fuel for feelings of worry.

To keep on the road to high stress make sure you keep watch for those future catastrophes and completely forget about even the tiniest sense of gratitude.

Well, there you have my top 5 stressors! What about you? Do you have stressors to add to this list? What brings you back to stress when life gets “too good to be true?”

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Ginny Priz Ginny Priz is a Christian coach, writer and speaker. Ginny has overcome her own drama with a prosthetic arm, alcohol, panic disorder, and codependency. She has a passion for guiding others toward the same peace and freedom she has come to experience. Ditching drama is possible for anyone “armed” with God and the Serenity Prayer! It’s never too late to start your own Serenity Journey.

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