Why I Thank God Life Is Unfair

So a crazy thing happened on the way to finishing this blog.

I was halfway done. Halfway to explaining how injustice is an unavoidable thing in this life and we can choose to carry it on our journey, or we can leave it at the foot of the cross. And then, it happened.

Polaris Office suddenly closed and my half hour’s worth of work was deleted. (which reminds me, I’ll save this now.) Ok, saved.

When the error message appeared I got all hot and bothered. I was thinking “Man! That was some great stuff, that is not fair that I lost it!”

A still small voice said, “It would appear this was an injustice. How are you going to handle it?” Clearly, I decided to set it down. Set it down and walk away. (saving again)

My first draft spoke about Bethany Hamilton, the surfer girl who lost her arm to a shark, and Jason Koger, the double hand amputee from Kentucky I met this weekend. It seems God wants to bring to my attention injustice similar to my own, specifically, living without two hands.

All three of our situations are different and all three of them were acts of God – not  accidents. All three of us have faith, and a blessed outlook. We choose not to carry our situations as injustices. We choose to love God and find ways to thrive and do what we love no matter the extra effort that might be required for a person unable to fold their hands. (and saved again)

The greatest injustice in all recorded history was Jesus Christ dying on the cross. Here was God, come to earth to share His love story, a man sinless and blameless. Instead of lifting Him to worship Him, He was lifted up to die so every human ever to walk the earth would not have to die. (saved again)

Talk about unfair! He suffers and the rest of us get to spend eternity in heaven.

My little software issue seems more than a bit trivial after reflecting on these matters. But it is a pattern for me to feel that small things like traffic and software glitches are more unfair and frustrating than the larger issue of life with one arm.

Why is this? Isn’t it backwards? But I think the answer lies in the ability to connect our injustices to the cross.

When it comes to the small things, I look at them with a magnifying glass to see them more clearly. But there is no room for the cross inside that little magnifying glass. (saving again)

I have to keep looking up and keep seeing each unfair situation in comparison to the cross. Each time I’ve saved my work here (saved again) it is a reminder that Christ saved me once and for all. If I had to lose a little writing to learn to place the “little” injustices as the cross as well as the “big” ones, then I’m happy to lose it.

There is a lesson in each injustice. Believe me, every unfair situation has God’s hand in it pointing towards truth.

What injustices are you having trouble letting go of today? What lessons can you find? What truth is being brought to your attention?

For every injustice you experience there is a larger injustice that was commited to ensure your eternal life. Keep that in your mind and enjoy the freedom of being saved once and for all. (saved again)


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